Atacama Jackets: The Italian tailoring tradition shaped on your desires

Italian tailoring tradition

Italian tailoring tradition

Leather Jackets, originally developed in early 1900's and worn by aviators and members of the military. During the second world war, they became known as the “Bomber Jacket” and have since then developed to a fashion icon indispensable of a well-equipped wardrobe. Read more about the production and uniqueness of this style icon and discover Atacama one of Italy's premium producers of leather jackets fully Made in Italy.



The materials usually used include buckskin, lambskin or goatskin which is a great all-around leather that, like deerskin, is softer, lighter, and more flexible than cowhide. Atacama uses vegetal coloring and thus guaranteeing the absence of chemical products all along the production  process. The result is soft a leather jacket that maintains intact their natural features. 

Leather jackets often look even better after years of wearing them.

Atacama Jackets


Leather jacket

The leather jacket has also conquered Hollywood in the 1940s and 50s dressing some of the most iconic actors providing them with an important ingredient to define the very essence of 'cool'. But besides being an esthetic enhancement the leather jacket is also highly appreciated for keeping the person warm in cold and extreme climates and lasts for decades when sourced from premium producers. Atacama jackets are entirely designed and produced in Italy using the best and most exclusive materials and fabrics, made by skilled craftsmen that work in the industry for over 40 years.



Motorcycle equipment

There is a significant difference between leather jackets made for fashion purposes and those worn for protection, such as motorcycle equipment. Leather jackets designed for protective use are heavier and thicker than fashion jackets nonetheless guaranteeing a stylish outfit. The Atacama project was born by two Italian entrepre­neurs in late 2017, combining a vintage taste for motor­cycles, street culture and Italian tailoring tradition, with a modem, take on production and product development.