Cordone: a love for details

One of the greatest Italian fashion manufacturers

Cordone shirts was born in 1956 by Luigi Cordone sr. From the beginning, he wanted to offer to his customers shirts made with passion and the highest quality standards. Today the company has grown, reaching its third generation, to 25 sales points in different countries.

Cordone: a love for details


Cordone's principles


Quality, customer care and customization

More than 50 years have passed, but Cordone's principles remained the same: quality, customer care and customization. With 21 different collars, 12 cuffs, and a variety of body fits, sizes and colors, Cordone's handmade shirts are always the right choice. Their Italian shirt can fit any situation, from the casual to the most formal ones. The tailoring tradition and the highest Italian quality will never go unnoticed.




artisans of Cordone

The artisans of Cordone 

Wanting to offer even more to their customers, the artisans of Cordone have created a trousers collection. Cotton and linen are the chosen fabrics, to realize a top quality, lightweight and breathable product, ideal for the summer months. In many colors, Cordone handmade trousers follow Cordone's shirt philosophy of customization, quality, and attention to details.




Italian fashion manufacturers


 Italian producer or a private label

Today, just like 50 years ago, the craftsmanship, the valuable finishing and the customer care make Cordone one of the greatest Italian fashion manufacturers. A wholesale supplier, an Italian producer or a private label collaborator; Cordone can always be the right choice for your business needs, helping you to create your very personal collection.