D'Ottavio bags - Four models, hundreds of shapes

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The international experience during the two-year process that led to the creation of the brand D'Ottavio gave birth to four iconic models. Those four models are and will be the base for every D'Ottavio bag fully handcrafted in Italy. The sophisticated design, the highest quality of materials and the manufacturing excellence of D'Ottavio guarantees one of the most unique and elegant Made in Italy bags . Experience Made in Italy at it's best. Find out more about the utility patent that D'Ottavio invented and registered for it's bags.



M13 Travel Bag

 The m13 model, with its size (27 cm - 53 cm - 35 cm) is the ideal solution for your travels. Presenting a spacious single compartment and an external zip pocket that is capable to store all your needs. Made with the most durable nylon and the highest quality leather, it will come with you in all your travels, from the most relaxing ones to the most adventurous. And once you have reached your destination, just slide the handle to discover the other shapes this bag can have. This travel bag can fit every situation becoming quickly a handbag or a backpack, your m13 bag will never give you up. This unique invention is a registered utility patent that will transform your bag in seconds.





W14 Hand Bag33

 Be elegant and trendy in every situation with D'Ottavio W14 bag.
A single-compartment soft bag with many souls, capable to transform itself thanks to the adjustable handle and to the special buttons on the sides, this bag can become a backpack or a sack-closing bag.
(39cm - 37cm -11cm)
Attention to every detail is a standard for D'Ottavio Bags and this bag is not an exception.
The snap mechanism of the central locking, the enamel finishing, the shoulder strap and even the zips of the pocket are designed and built to harmoniously shape this unique piece of craftsmanship.