Getting Ready for SS2020!

In the fast-moving era of fashion, it is not easy to predict trends, but some clothes are always en vogue.

And the anything-goes philosophy of the recent years helped to enlarge even more the possibilities of fashion.

"Keep it comfortable" could be the mantra for the fashion-trend seeker in the upcoming season, and which better way to be comfortable and stylish than in clothing Made in Italy?
So loose the rigid winter suits and get some more relaxed shapes, made of the freshest cotton to give a summer feeling to your outfit. Move to blazers, add some colors, get some lightweight trousers to go with it and everything is set.

clothing Made in Italy

clothing Made in Italy

Mix and Match some accessories with it, Spring is the best season to experiment with eclectic jewelry. Shiny necklaces, classy bracelets and a wide range of never-seen-before accessories with sophisticated shapes and innovative materials.

clothing Made in Italy

Don't forget the classics, too. A shirt is still your best friend when in doubt.

Both for her and for him, well-shaped linen or cotton shirts are always a solid choice, both to be comfortable and to never go unnoticed.

clothing Made in Italy

Even in the 2020 Spring collection, Italian designers confirm once again to be trendsetters. Discover the newly updated collections from our Italian producers and make sure to order your supply for the upcoming season in time!

Here are some of our top picks to help you start your journey in the magic world of Italian spring