Simplifying Italian Wholesale

Simplifying Italian Wholesale

Wholesaling or distributing is the sale of products to retailers or other professional business customers. In general, it is the sale of goods to anyone other than the private consumer. Traditionally, wholesalers were located close to the market that they serve but in recent years and thanks to the fast development of the internet, buyers from around the world have the chance to source also from remote countries in an easy way.

Viamadeinitaly has the mission to simplify Italian Wholesale. We don’t believe that a Buyer needs to take an airplane, travel around the world, just to find an Italian wholesale supplier. This was the common approach until recently when Buyers traveled to remote trade fairs, not only polluting the air but also spending lots of money. At the same time, Italian wholesale producers themselves had to invest great sums to participate at trade fairs hoping to find a new customer.

International wholesale and in particular digital B2B platforms have seen a strong increase of popularity and professional use in the last couple of years. There is a clear trend that small as well as big business owners want to accelerate procurement processes and source their products more efficiently. In many markets, digital B2B platforms have gained a substantial share of the market. Unfortunately, in Italy, Italian wholesale suppliers still rely on traditional channels and therefore are facing a big risk of being left behind. Viamadeinitaly wants to give thousands of Italian wholesale fashion producers a global platform to participate in digital procurement.

Our goal is to represent the core of Italian craftsmanship; in particular Italian Fashion and Design, Italian Footwear as well as Italian Furniture. Italian producers are world famous in these categories but they are missing a digital wholesale channel. We hope that we can contribute and support Italian artisan on their way to export their masterpieces.


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