VIAMADEINITALY, the first 6 months

VIAMADEINITALY went online 6 months ago with the mission to support and digitalize the excellence of Made in Italy. Truly believing that the Italian manufacturing tradition of shoes, clothing, accessories and design deserves to be promoted and brought to the world. VIAMADEINITALY offers to Italian producers a digital space where international buyers could find them conveniently from abroad. In this way, Italian suppliers and producers can virtually offer their shoes, apparel, bags, shirts and much more to the world of retail and wholesale.

For decades Made in Italy is the synonym for state-of-the-art design and high-quality products. Italian artisans have developed unique techniques and skills over generations but many of them have unfortunately lost pace with the digitalization of the global trade. Today only 20% of the 400.000 Italian manufacturers are exporting their products. VIAMADEINITALY is helping the other 80% of Italian companies to discover new export opportunities for their business.

VIAMADEINITALY is cutting out the middleman and therefore allowing Italian producers and buyers to communicate directly in a fast and simple way. Once the buyer has chosen the product they are interested in, all they have to do is to click on "Make a request" on the product page and write their message to the producer, completely free of charge and without the need for complicated business registration. Today more than 2.000 Italian products from various categories are available and everyday new producers go online.

VIAMADEINITALY is proud and happy that the first deals between suppliers and buyers have been accomplished and is very much looking forward to building the platform that helps Italian suppliers to export their unique products.