VIAMADEINITALY has written itself on the flag to support Italian producers and promote the tradition of Made in Italy. This includes not only to help Italian companies find new customers but to assist the whole supply chain of Italian products. Without artisans there wouldn’t be any product, so VIAMADEINITALY is committed in supporting the education of young people in order to preserve the know-how of Italian craftsmanship. With this goal in mind, VIAMADEINITALY has launched a charity program in which every year schools or non-profit organizations that helps educate artisans will receive the support of VIAMADEINITALY for their cause.

Bag Solidale

Bag Solidale

This first initiative in this new program is “Bag Solidale”. The school was founded in September 2014 with the mission to teach weaving techniques, craftsmanship and art to unemployed women of all ages, ethnic groups, and religion. The program consists of free lectures and courses to learn this century-year-old technique and train them to become independent artisans. Often the woman participating in the course have faced serious personal or family problems that have turned their lives upside down and brought them in the need of others.

The school has been studying to innovate traditional weaving techniques and after countless attempts, technical tests and treatments of various kinds, a sufficiently complex method for obtaining fabrics using yarns of various titles has been found. This textile structure is innovative, revolutionary, and allows them to create unique fabrics. These fabrics are then used combining traditional leathers in order to create fully handcrafted bags produced with extraordinary features making each one a single piece. This technique has been recently patented by the ministry of economic development. VIAMADEINITALY is committed to help Bag Solidale and its female artisans to sell their products by giving them a free membership on the platform and grant them free marketing services and consultancy to launch their project.

Bag Solidale is a free initiative based in Carpi, Emilia Romagna that was born inside the convent of San Nicolo with the support of the Franciscan monks and VIAMADEINITALY is proud and honored to assist such a noble initiative.

Bag Solidale is a free initiative based in Carpi