Your weekly suggestion: Knitwear!

With the temperatures dropping and the sun setting so early it can be a bit tricky to keep up with your style while staying warm and cozy.

VIAMADEINITALY has some of the best knitwear offers your shop could need.
For Him, for her, or both; our Italian suppliers can meet any need.

Your weekly suggestion: Knitwear!

One can explore Italian Urban Style hoodies and sweaters produced in knitwear in 100% cotton with a comfortable fit. Ribbed cuffs, plush flounce or the laces reveal a true love for details. Plus, the wide choice of colors makes them even more versatile.

wide choice of colors

Some situations, though, can require a bit more elegance and what more than a Cordone sweatshirt that can be the perfect balance between elegance and simplicity? 100% cashmere knitwear designed by some of the best Italian artisans to be as comfortable and warm as possible, while never giving up on elegance.
Available both with a normal neck and with a turtleneck and in a wide variety of colors.

normal neck and with a turtleneck

The woman knitwear collection produced in Italy.

Bruno Carlo offers refined knitwear made only with luxury materials such as cashmere, wool, and linen; often enhanced with fur inserts to create even more precious products.

jacket bruno carlo made in  italy

A more audacious, modern line is proposed by MTOF. Tailleurs, pullovers, and cardigans characterized by fresh designs and pop colors give life to a new generation of top-quality Made in Italy garments.

Cardigan mtof made in italy knitwear blog

Start your journey with our proposals and continue browsing all our categories!

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