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Company Type: Clothing,Jackets,Suits & Blazers
Products : Men Jackets, Men's Suits & Blazers
Foundation Year: 1956
Location: Santa Maria di Sala
Number of Employees:



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Fragomeni Group Srl has been producing clothes made in Italy for more than 50 years. Its story begins in 1956 with the opening of the first tailor shop in Turin. Domenico Fragomeni opened his dressmaker shop and in a very short time became a benchmark for the middle and upper class in the city. His oldest nephew Giovambattista immediately showed great enthusiasm for learning the job. Once he turned eighteen he moved to the Veneto region and graduated as a master tailor. Besides being a talented tailor, Giovambattista was ambitious and eager to grow professionally.
In Veneto he found the right environment and opportunities to open a business in Made in Italy clothing, never forgetting the importance of tailoring and dressmaking. Giovambattista Fragomeni is now running the business with his children, putting together his knowhow, modern technologies, innovative materials, methods and sustainability.

Fragomeni Group offers a full service from the paper pattern to the prototype, from the pattern book to the production, guaranteeing reliability both from the quality and punctuality point of view. It can also make a single tailor-made dress assembled or semi-assembled.

We make jackets and outerwears with a marked tailoring taste and technical and stylistic details that typically belong to a tailor shop and are Made in Italy with handmade finishing when asked by clients.

Fragomeni Group clients are the most important Italian brands that count on our commerce service. Our clients are the ones who love the true Italian tailoring, who appreciate the quality in service, textiles and the unique and personalized style both for everyday outfit and special occasions.

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Blazer - Art. 37
EXW from 30 to 300 pieces - € 390,00 from 301 - € 332,00 Dsymon or private label
Blazer - Art. 37
0.00 €
Blazer - Art. 36
EXW from 30 to 300 pieces - € 350,00 from 301 - € 298,00 OEM - ODM
Blazer - Art. 36
0.00 €
Blazer - Art. 35
EXW from 30 to 300 pieces - € 390,00 from 301 - € 332,00 n: Customer customization, Label
Blazer - Art. 35
0.00 €


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