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Company Type: Clothing,Jackets,Jeans,T-Shirts, Knitwear & Sweater,Trousers
Products : Men Trousers
Dropshipping: yes Foundation Year:
Location: Cavarzere
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Pietro Veneziani

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PIETRO VENEZIANI brand is focused on high-quality men's trousers. It was born thinking of the golden age of the 'Serenissima Repubblica' of Venice. Cosmopolitan and free, the city of Venice was the center of trade between the Mediterranean and the Far East. Venice has been for centuries the cradle of craftsmen, traders, and travelers.
Pietro Veneziani's trousers were born to meet the needs of the modern, dynamic professional who wants to dress casual chic and being comfortable.
Pietro Veneziani's trousers are Made in Italy and they combine elegance and casual style to ensure maximum comfort to men.

Our company has been manufacturing men's trousers for the last 40 years in the surroundings of Venice, in what it is known to be the district of trousers manufacturers. We served several Italian brands, today famous worldwide. We have always been focused on customer satisfaction, with our reliability, top service, and kindness. Thanks to our passion and know-how, built up through the years, we search for the best fabrics, treatments and first-rate tailoring.
Our trousers are created and manufactured in Italy because we believe that top quality and comfort can only be achieved with passion and care.
Pietro Veneziani combines our experience and dreams, into modern, timeless, elegant trousers.
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Trousers - Art. Accademia Tortora
Trousers - Art. Accademia Tortora
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