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Company Type: Clothing,Shirts
Products : Men Shirts
Foundation Year:
Location: Bergamo
Number of Employees:


Seriana Camiceria

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Since 1980 we work with Passion to produce Superior Quality Shirts.
Seriana Valley, located in Northern Italy, is known for its 200 years of Excellence in the Textile Industry.
Everything started 40 years ago in our little workshop, when our tailors stitched the first shirts using traditional techniques with the aim of creating superior quality garments.
Driven by passion in our work, our shirts are sold all over the World and they are synonymous with a flawless blend of unique Italian style, sophistication, attention to detail and versatility.

We believe in Quality, Passion, Craftsmanship, and Traditional Techniques.
We exclusively offer The Essential Shirt for men in only two colors (White and Light Blue). We want to provide our clients with elegant simplicity and top quality materials.
In a world where everything is mass-produced, we’re turning back the clocks: we’ve chosen to invest our time, skills, and experience to reach perfection in every detail of our shirts.

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Supplier's products
Art. The Essential Shirt - Light Blue
Art. The Essential Shirt - Light Blue
0.00 €
Art. The Essential Shirt - White
Art. The Essential Shirt - White
0.00 €


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